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February 5, 2006
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Dragongirl - For Contest by Duet Dragongirl - For Contest by Duet
This drawing is for the "Seventh Sanctum Beauty Contest 2006" -> [link]

I used the Fanboy Anime Fantasies generator, and the description that I got was "The dragongirl bounty hunter!". XD

Done with Prismacolor markers, microns, and lots of erasing! ^^; Enjoy!

Edit: I do take commissions. ^_^
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Elainatehkitty Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2007
The coloring is fantastic. I really need copic markers (those blasted things cost a fortune in America. >.<;; ) Love the picture. ;)
WiccanMirrage Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2006
*nods* i really like this. its really good. *is dazed* i need to get some of those markers.. ^^' lol
Duet Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2006  Student General Artist
Thank you! ^__^ I'm hoping to get some copics for Christmas. Got to love those brushtipped markers! But yeah, prismacolor markers are good, and they're way less expensive than copics. ^^; Good luck with markers if you indeed purchase them; they're kind of tricky, but fun.
WiccanMirrage Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2006
lol. thanks. i just have to get some money first ^^'
Duet Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2006  Student General Artist
^^; Yeah, I think I got my first prismacolor markers as a present. And then, I was hooked.
Also, before you get them, look around in various art stores in your area for good prices. Like, where, I am, there's a Jerry's Art-a-rama, and they have sales all the time, and prismacolor markers are cheaper to begin with. It beats spending outrageous prices for a limited selection at AC Moore. So, good luck! If I ever get around to it, I'll try to put up a "tutorial" of how I use prismacolors... Of course, I've been saying this for awhile, and I don't really have a scanner right now, though I think I'll be getting to it very soon (the scanner part.) Okay, enough rambling for me!
WiccanMirrage Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2006
no i get what you mean. i went to Micheals (a craft store around here) and i saw some but it was only a 12 pack i believe. it was like 7 dollars? i cant remember. that would be awesome if you could make a tutorial. it would help a lot of ppl, especially me once i get some.. lol. thanks^^
Duet Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2006  Student General Artist
No problem! I'll be sure to remind (read "nag") my boyfriend a lot to help me set up my scanner and such. I just need to get some school work done, and then I'll get around to it. Might take me a bit... But I will get it done, I will! (I hope... ^_-)
WiccanMirrage Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2006
awesome. i cant wait ^^
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2006
Well the contest is over - so now I can comment.

First of all - just a great cute pic. Definitely something for fanboy fuel - but also with good detail and a sense of character. The little extras, from the leg-wraps to the knives, really adds something to it.

Not 100% sure on the coloring style here. Keep working on that.
kinzaka Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2006
heeeeeeeey.... werent you gunu make a tutorial?(how to draw full body stuf) im still expecting that... as long as i get it before i die, im happy! anywhoo, about the drawing? AMAZING! do you design all the clothing yourself? or... is it somene professional? ok, and i love the eyes on this one. great job!
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